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About 🙋🏻‍♀️

👋 G'day. I am Emma, a b2b SaaS marketer based in Australia.

I spend my days working in Demand Generation at, an Aussie SaaS start up helping enterprise businesses scale their brands.

I'm also privileged to work with special clients on a freelance basis, covering a range of things from marketing strategy, go to market plans, copywriting and general operations and process development and improvement.

Prior to Outfit I worked at a b2b marketing agency where I started as a content writer and 5 years later left as the Client Strategy & Delivery lead. Before that I was a journalist (yes, really!) and prior to that I even did a stint teaching English in South Korea.

💻 Some freelance highlights:

When I'm not working I'm a mum and wife, avid reader, a try-hard muay thai fighter and a total book nerd.

🤓 Some things I'm currently obsessed with:

  • Marketing and sales everything, I love b2b marketing and sales and all the challenges and wins you get as a team. I'm very lucky to have a wonderful mentor who works with me fortnightly to improve. And a pretty great team and boss who facilitate everything I need to grow.
  • Twitter. People are so clever. And funny. Far better than Instagram.
  • Learning the Stockmarket - I've been teaching myself and it's exciting!
  • Books on Mindset and business. Again. People are clever.
  • Deep discussions with friends and family around the ups and downs of business.
  • Founder blogs. Wow. What an honour that these people take time out of their day to share the good and the bad, and for free. Thank you for the learnings!